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Vertical inspection crawler system with full sensor integration capabilities.
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The VERTI-ROBOT is suitable for pipelines with diameters ranging from about 150 mm to 300 mm and a length and can be scaled up or down as needed while travelling up to approx.200m. The length of the cables depends on the diameter or the size of the robot, on the internal surfaces of the pipelines and on the number of pipe bends to be passed. Pipe bends of 1,5 x D, changes in the pipe’s cross section, slight deformations or sagging weld seams will be negotiated without any problems.


Features & Benefits

  • Multi-functional use and easy handling,
  • Modularly designed controls,
  • Due to the modular design, customized and user-specific modifications can be carried out quickly and in a cost-effective way,
  • Adaptable Light-intensive illumination system with powerful white-light LEDs (8000 K color temperature),
  • Adaptable Pan/Tilt camera-modules

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    The Process

    To solve complex assignments, a strategy that considers both purpose and potential is required. Our hybrid approach maximises the opportunity to solve virtually any design challenge, no matter the industry.  A cross-section of our development process reveals an agile method, which blends science, technology and business. The physical output of our process results in products that meet end-user goals, business objectives and utilise next-generation manufacturing.

    Discovery & Opportunity Identification

    We actively seek to uncover the most potent opportunity for your immediate position, while considering the most optimal finance, acquisition and support model to complement asset life-span.


    With all planning and specifications defined, a complete electrical, mechanical and software prototype is produced and rigorously tested by our dedicated engineering team.

    Recommendation & Validation

    We collect high-level data from testing, to provide you with the best solution for your inspection, independent of hidden agendas. This ensures that the right technology is applied to the relevant project.

    Deliver, Deploy & Support

    Your system is delivered ready for deployment, complete with structured training and documentation to assist with immediate usage, backed by our 24/7 support team.

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