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SAIR Wireless UT Crawler

SAIR is a wireless magnetic crawler robot capable of conducting ultrasonic and visual inspection on various assets like tanks, vessels, pipes and elbows
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SAIR is a wireless magnetic crawler robot capable of conducting ultrasonic and visual inspection on various assets like tanks, vessels, pipes and elbows. Its unique and patented design makes it highly maneuverable on curved surfaces from 8” in diameter up to a flat plate. In addition, SAIR is equipped with gas sensors for detecting hazardous and flammable gases.

Inspection of elevated pipes and hard to access locations has never been more convenient. With SAIR, there is no need for costly scaffolding and the whole system weighs less than 15kg, which makes it ideal for On Stream Inspection (OSI) and also during Testing and Inspection (T&I).
The robot is controlled by a rugged tablet where reliable UT thickness data (A-scan and B-scan) can be collected and visualized in real-time on a 10.1” sunlight viewable touchscreen.

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Dimensions Length 325mm Width 180mm Height 215mm

Weight 9.5kg

Max Driving Speed 140mm/s (8.4 m/min)

Gas Sensors CH4, CO2, O2 UT Dry coupled wheel probe Thickness 4mm to 40mm

Camera 1 camera, adjustable pan & tilt LED Adjustable brightness LED

Battery Typical life 2 hours Communication Wireless up to 100m

Operating Temp 0℃ … +50℃

Control Module Dimensions

Length 192mm Width 283mm Height 21mm

Display 10.1″(25.5cm)

Weight1.3 kg

Battery 8-hours battery lifeIP rating IP65

Operating temperature -10℃ … +50℃

Versatile and Effective Inspection Solution

Designed to work on a wide range of structures, SAIR is capable of measuring the remaining wall thickness of tanks, vessels, pipes and other steel assets in difficult-to-access locations

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