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iPEK Rovver Crawler Camera

Rovver is a versatile high powered pipe inspection crawler designed for ultimate flexibility and manoeuverability, offering high performance with minimum work.
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Top of its class, Rovver is a versatile high powered inspection crawler designed for ultimate flexibility and manoeuverability. Rovver crawlers can adapt to all pipe diameters and a range of materials and conditions. A compact system, Rovver offers the highest performance with the minimum of work.

Thanks to its short wheelbase and advanced hairpin steering system, Rovver crawlers are virtually unstoppable, able to navigate almost any obstacle or tight bend with ease. The 6-wheel drive intermediate wheels let you avoid hang-ups at offsets or inverts.

Rovver’s automatic cable reel lets the crawler perform at its best over the full inspection distance, eliminating tangles and jams. Smart tensioner technology allows effortless cord retrieval with uniform coiling.

Rovver features interchangeable wheels, lighting and cameras as well as adjustable-height components to help the crawler adapt quickly and easily to all kinds of pipe situations. Most interchanging connections can be performed with a single hand.

Rovver is designed to maximise productivity for a single user. Usually, automatic flows require two people for the job but with Rovver, the job is a simple single person operation saving on running time and cost.

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Product Downloads
  • Three crawler sizes available for pipes ranging from 100 mm to 1500 mm (4” to 60”)
  • Modular design with aluminium or stainless steel construction
  • Waterproof up to 10 m or 1 bar (32.8 ft. or 14.5 psi)
  • Optional handheld control pendant of the 19” control unit version for inspection vehicles
  • Transmitter for location of Rovver crawlers in pipes
  • Freewheel clutch and optional BackEye camera facilitates retrieval, avoiding cable jams
  • Optical sensor alerts in case of decrease in pressure
  • Inclinometer for measuring grade and incline
  • Distance measurement is displayed at the cable reel (RA200) and in monitor


  • Camera pans 2x 135° and tilts 2x 175°
  • Autofocus colour camera with zoom (10x optical, 12x digital) is available
  • Elevator (ROVVER225) centres the camera in pipes up to 800 mm (32”)
  • Shadowless LEDs


  • Up to 200 m (656 ft.) cable is attached at the cable reel with a connector for easy change-out.
  • The manual cable reel comprises of a built-in meter counter and an optional motorized winding support.

Monitor and Text Input

  • Integral 10” LCD monitor
  • Integral keyboard for text and graphical entries
  • Multilingual multicolour text generator with 25 lines per page
  • Memory stores five pages of text and up to 240 shortcut keys


  • Power supply adjusts to accommodate cable of varying lengths
  • Entire system draws no more than 1000 W and accepts 115 – 230 Vac

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