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IPLEX NX Videoscope

The IPLEX NX videoscope combines our highest-quality images with an intuitive user interface, ergonomic design, and durability for efficient inspection in nearly any environment.
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IPLEX NX 3 battery powered videoscope. Features Stereo Measurement option for measuring length, depth and area of defects which allows for 3D spatial information. Combines high resolution still and MPEG-4 images, intuitive 8.4″ touch screen interface and ergonomic design for longer inspections. Equipped with a bright laser diode light source, four times brighter than a conventional videoscope which allows for a larger field of view, unprecedented imaging and colour reproduction. Tapered Flex insertion tube combines superb maneuverability and flexibility for smooth scope insertion. Ghost Image enables inspectors to compare live images with images stored on the videoscope to contrast past and present conditions.

Its clear, bright images and powerful measurement features are built to exceed expectations. The IPLEX NX videoscope delivers crisp, high-resolution images. Its reliable image quality increases your probability of detection, helping you make clear decisions
and maintain crucial systems. Exceptional image clarity enables you to see tiny defects in stunning detail. Laser diode illumination system is up to 4 times brighter than conventional videoscopes.

Measure with Confidence Using 3D Modeling

Choosing the right measurement point is now even easier.
3D modeling enables you to see the details of what you’re inspecting from multiple angles, making it easier to specify the exact location of your measurement points.

Large Touch-Screen Monitor

Vivid touch-screen delivers clear, bright images for excellent visibility in a range of lighting conditions.

Instantly Confirm Measurement Objects

  • 3D modeling enables you to clearly see the shape and complexity of your target
  • Precisely designate your measurement points for faster inspections
  • Choose the right points the first time to minimize the need to re-measure

Flexible Multi-Position Design

  • Configure the videoscope six ways to maximize comfort
  • Position the monitor for maximum visibility;
    it can even be detached from the main unit
  • Optional handheld remote provides light, tactile control

Responsive TrueFeel Articulation

  • Fast, responsive articulation
  • Easily control the scope through lightweight, comfortable operation that helps reduce fatigue

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Dimensions (W x H x D)

320 mm x 310 mm x 180 mm


3.9 kg

Still image recording

Resolution H768 x V576 (Pixel)

Recording format: Compressed JPEG format

Video recording

Resolution: H768 x V576 (Pixel)

Recording format: MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) format, Windows Media Player compatible

Stereo measurement

Distance: Distance between two points

Point-to-line: Perpendicular distance between a point and a user-defined line

Depth: Orthogonal depth/height distance between a point and a user-defined plane

Area/Lines: Multiple point circumference and area measurement

3D Modeling

Live cross section, X/Y/Z-axis rotation, 2x Color mapping mode

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