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DynaPOCKET Hardness Tester

DyanaPOCKET's pocket sized cable free single unit enables you to scan and test just about any component in any position and see your results in a matter of seconds.
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With the DynaPOCKET, rebound method hardness testing has never been easier. Thanks to DynaPOCKET’s pocket sized cable free single unit, you’re able to scan and test just about any component, large or small, in any position and see your results in a matter of seconds.

The full range of DynaPOCKET’s functions are available within two keystrokes. The easy read LCD display shows readings in a single reading, the arithmetical mean or average value of a complete measurement set depending on your preferences. Conversions are available for HL Leeb, HS Shore, HB Brinell, HRB Rockwell B, HRC Rockwell C, HV Vickers, and N/mm² Tensile strength. DynaPOCKET is also able to make conversions according to the standard specifications DIN 50150 and ASTM E 140 on low-alloy/unalloyed steel and cast steel components.

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  • Test method: Rebound hardness testing according to ASTM standard specification A 956; dynamic measuring method; ratio of rebound (Rp) and impact (Ip) velocities with output of hardness in Leeb’s hardness value HL = 1000 Rp/Ip
  • Materials tested: Forged, rolled and cast materials
  • Stored material groups: Low-alloy/unalloyed steel and cast steel; tool steel; corrosion-resistant steel; grey cast iron; nodular graphite iron; aluminium cast alloys; brass; bronze; wrought copper alloys
  • Measuring range: Depending on the material group, e.g for low-alloy steel: 150-1000 HL; 75-1000 HV; 75-700 HB; 35-100 HRB; 20-70 HRC; 30-100 HS; 250-2200 N/mm²; 9 fixed material groups stored in the instrument
  • Display: LCD, 4-digit display of the hardness value and status symbols
  • Power supply: Battery operation (2 x AAA cells, NiCd, NiMH or AlMn)Operating time >4000 measurements depending on battery type

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