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Pipe X-Ray Inspection: what options are available?

The Go Scan C-View Portable Scanner.

High-quality pipe X-ray inspection has advanced dramatically thanks to the latest technology. While there are many options available, cutting-edge methods, such as the GO-SCAN C-View, are proving to be game-changers in the realm of real-time field operation. 

If you could create a wish list for a pipe X-ray ability, it would likely contain the following: 

  • Be truly lightweight and portable. 
  • Be highly ruggedised for tough conditions in the field. 
  • Provide a live video feed for instant data analysis. 
  • Return high-resolution images. 

This – and more – is what’s on offer from the GO-SCAN C-View. Not only is it perfectly designed for on-site use in a wide variety of scenarios, but it’s light enough for single-user operation. That includes a hand-held display unit that allows the inspector to view the returned X-ray images as they’re captured. 

Portable, real-time X-ray pipe inspection has been a long time coming.  One of the greatest advantages that this has over more traditional ultrasonic and microwave testing options is that you don’t need to be an NDT expert to analyse the results. When inspecting for flaws and areas of dubious integrity, visualising the interior of a pipe is something that the layperson can immediately understand. With a little practice, virtually all defects within a length of pipe can be determined and categorised, without having to rely on a variety of other testing techniques to hone the diagnosis. 

Of course, pipe X-ray – or digital radiography, to give it the correct name – still requires a level of expertise. Because X-rays are emitted during the process, safety measures must be adhered to. However, it’s still far faster and the results are less open to interpretation than other NDT methods, such as microwave and ultrasonic options. 

But why the GO-SCAN C-View?  

Well, not only has it been custom-designed for hand-held field use, but the unit also provides easy manoeuvrability and true single-person operation. The spec is also pretty impressive, offering: 

  • A high-speed and high-resolution CMOS imager. 
  • A battery-operation 7kV X-ray tube designed for field use. 
  • An active area of 15cm x 10cm. 
  • Sub-6.5kg in weight. 
  • Real-time video imaging. 
  • 99 μm pixel pitch. 
  • Real-time video imaging. 
  • Video frame rate of up to 30 fps. 
  • Adjustable arm length of 30cm – 65cm. 
  • IP rating – IP65. 
  • Wired or wireless operation. 

The system works in conjunction with the GO-SCAN C-Viewer application software. This provides multiple simultaneous displays, including snapshots, video, X-Ray etc. 

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