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Leon McEniery : Nexxis’ Emerging Talent in the Subsea Industry

Leon McEniery at work: Nexxis’ Emerging Talent in the Subsea Industry

In the realm of the subsea industry, where innovation is the heart of progress, Nexxis has always been at the forefront. It’s no surprise then, that one of our own, Leon McEniery, stands as a beacon of excellence, having recently been nominated as a finalist for the prestigious Emerging Talent Award.

Leon, our robotics software engineer, serves as the crucial bridge between hardware and the project’s successful delivery. He has been pivotal in ensuring integrations reach optimal efficiency. A shining example of his expertise is the development of NCS2 (Nexxis Control Software 2), our exclusive robotics control platform. Beyond his exceptional technical proficiency, Leon exudes a work ethic and morale that’s truly unparalleled.

Leadership qualities are a key strength. With his far-sighted vision, he has steered Nexxis towards innovative milestones, amplifying our status as industry trendsetters. He is not just a visionary; Leon’s intrinsic qualities as an inspiring team player, his astute decision-making prowess, especially under pressure, and his unwavering commitment to ethical standards truly make him an invaluable asset. Moreover, his dedication to mentorship, nurturing and moulding the future talent of Nexxis, speaks volumes about his commitment to the company’s long-term vision.

His contribution to the broader community, particularly the next generation of engineers, is commendable. He’s been an active participant in university engineering groups, interns and mentorship programmes at Nexxis, consistently sharing his wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Lastly, looking towards the future of the industry, it’s evident that Leon’s pioneering work, especially with our cutting-edge NCS2, will lead industry innovation. By merging precise data capture with NCS2’s adaptive control, he’s laying the foundation for game-changing robotic coordination. This innovation spells not only enhanced operational safety but also increased productivity across sectors. Through predictive maintenance and optimised asset lifecycles, Leon’s initiatives promise to redefine industrial benchmarks, ensuring a brighter, smarter future.

Leon McEniery embodies the spirit of Nexxis – innovative, committed, and forward-thinking. His efforts, both technical and in leading by example, have undoubtedly placed Nexxis on a pedestal in the world of industrial technology. Thank you Leon for your commitment and dedication.

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