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Inspection Tool Insight: How is MRT equipment made?

How is mrt equipment made?

With the multitude of NDT inspection tools available, it can sometimes be a little confusing as to what measures which assets. While you don’t necessarily need to have a wholly in-depth understanding to select and use the tools, it can be advantageous to have a basic knowledge.

Read on as we demystify MRT equipment, an effective tool that’s used to measure both the outer and inner elements of ferro-magnetic ropes.

The Two Elements of MRT

MRT is made up of a measuring head and an acquisition system. Together they capture the condition of the ropes and display it for interpretation. The measuring head is, if you like, the workhorse, with the acquisition system being the techie that turns the data into something that we can easily understand.

The measuring head

This is made up of a combination of magnets and sensors. When in operation, the former creates a powerful flux within the rope. If there are no defects, this magnetic force will flow uninterrupted throughout. Any damage, such as broken wires, will cause this flux to change in force and direction, which the sensors will pick up.

There are two different configurations of measuring head: a closed structure and an open one. Which is used will depend on the type of the rope to be measured. Both can be used to measure specific diameter ranges. However, because more accurate readings are gained when the sensors are very close to the rope, smaller diameters may necessitate the use of a reduction brushing kit.

The acquisition system

This is where the data is received and transformed into a report. A data processor and a sensor translate the flux signals and display them on a graph. The key characteristics are the sampling rate per channel and the resolution bit – the higher the sampling rate per channel, the better the interpretation of the signal. 

The software is advanced and must be highly specific to avoid any misinterpretation of the results. Data acquisition must be captured in real time in order to conform to legislative inspection regulations.

Because this requires software, the system comes with either a rugged portable computer or tablet, depending on the location where the testing is to be carried out. The latter is only recommended for assets where space is limited. For more complex inspection tasks, the pc option is more appropriate.

Although this sounds complicated, the actual testing, analysis and storage of results is made simple, thanks to how advanced the kit is. At Nexxis, cutting edge technology, such as advanced MRT equipment, plays a key role in our advice to customers looking for ways to improve accuracy of results, as well as benefiting from overall time and money saving solutions.

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