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Case Study: Finding a Water Leak 300m Underground

PTZ 140 Ca-Zoom pan tilt camera

The Problem: 

Excessive water vapour was exiting through the extraction fan of an underground ventilation shaft, 5m in diameter and descending 300m, indicating that there was water entering the shaft. However, the location or depth of the leak was unable to be determined. Good ventilation in any underground operation is essential to maintain the safety of operations.

The first challenge in a situation like this is choosing the perfect camera for the job. The Ca-Zoom PTZ-140 was the perfect fit because of its capability and versatility as well as being waterproof and having inbuilt dual control, high-powered lighting – essential to pin-point what are often tiny details in a chaotic environment – like a pipe flooded with water. Essential camera requirements were video and still image recording, high light output with full Pan-tilt functionality.

Additionally, we knew the cable for the camera would have to potentially extend up to 300m+ and this system has the capability to go 500m+.

The Solution:

Setting up a front-end-loader with a crane and pulley attached, it deployed the camera down the shaft. The biggest challenge on this job was the turbulence in the pipe causing excessive movement in the camera. It took patience and finesse to ensure the video imagery coming out was clear and focused enough to determine details. At 110m it was found a flooded pipe with several leak points that would account for the excessive water vapour exiting high above and below. Check out the video here:




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