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Crawler Tech Tips: Performance and Reliability

Versatrax VT150 Inline Crawler Camera

Inuktun camera and crawler systems get used in some of the harshest operational environments Mother Nature can throw at us. Although the equipment is designed to take a beating, a vast array of moving parts inevitably will require the system owner to perform some sort of maintenance.

Due to the operational requirements of their job, many remote visual inspectors express that they cannot afford to part with their crawler / camera equipment for extended periods of time. However, one must consider the indirect cost of ignoring scheduled maintenance. It can be catastrophic if a component breaks down due to preventable wear on a job site.

For that reason it is highly reccommend that inspectors and operators follow a preventative maintenance routine. In the long run, regularly scheduled preventive maintenance will save you money, versus the ‘snowball effect’ that happens when numerous components fail that were compounded by neglect and excessive wear.

Pro-actively servicing your gear at routine intervals will help mitigate its need for repair, thus allowing you to achieve the highest level of performance and reliability.

If you are in a rental or leasing agreement with Nexxis, we also offer a variety of warranties that will ensure that your equipment is replaced immediately if it is damaged or faulty – ensuring your project runs smoothly and continuously.

The VT100 Inline configuration is extremely portable - the entire system fits into two Pelican cases (including the tether cable and hand reel). Despite its compact size, this system has the power to penetrate up to 600ft / 180m of pipe and overcome obstacles and offset joints. All Versatrax units are easily configurable for round pipe or flat surface operation. The vehicles are adjustable for a range of pipe diameters.

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