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SonoDur2: Mobile UCI Hardness Testing Device

Main application areas are inspection tasks on serial parts after heat treatment, after surface processing, weld inspection or for coat hardness measuring on gravure cylinders with highly selective low load motorized probes.
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Main application areas are inspection tasks on serial parts after heat treatment, after surface processing, weld inspection or for coat hardness measuring on gravure cylinders with highly selective low load motorized probes.

The SonoDur2 is the successor to the tried and tested UCI hardness measurement device, SonoDur. It is especially suited to rapid hardness measuring in the fields of production and quality assurance. EN ISO 18265 material tables have already be stored on the device.
The testing pressure of the Vickers diamonds is digitally displayed and refreshed.

The device has an intuitive menu system enabling reassessments for other hardness scales and in line with other applicable standards or the particular probe in use; it also features recognition and test controls with calibration, material reassessment table, time of probe penetration, operator name and tolerance thresholds.
It is always kept up-to-date thanks to free updates.

Varied Uses

The SonoDur2 makes it possible to measure soft aluminium (20HB) through to harder metals (approx. 1600HV) using a probe.

Usable probes

The device is suitable for the operation of manual and motorised measurement probes with test forces between 1N and 100N, as well as long probes for testing applications at measurement positions that are difficult to reach.

Integrated memory

4GB of memory (can be expanded to 32GB) offers enough storage space for an almost limitless number of measured values. The ease by which data can be transmitted via USB makes documentation much easier. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are also possible.

Constituent parts of the set (but without hardness measuring probe!):

  • Hardness testing device SonoDur2 with data logger and export from data to PC via USB flash drive
  • Mains unit SONO-NG
  • SONO2-NG/USB USB cable
  • Probe connection cable SONO2-HM
  • Case SONO2-TK-1
  • SONO2-CD, product USB flash drive including instruction manual
  • SONO2-Protect, protective sheet for the touchscreen
  • Manufacturer certificate

Hardness measuring device SonoDur2 will be delivered in a high quality aluminium case.

Product facts:

  • Standardised, robust, easy, fast and precise German engineering
  • Quick and precise on-site measurements
  • Standardised in accordance with ASTM A 1038 and DIN 50159-1-2
  • High contrast, colour touch screen with alternating colouration of measured values in the event of an alarm – all the essential information at one glance
  • Automatic reassessment into HB, HK, HRA, HRB, HRC, HRF, HRD, HR45, HS, HK, MPa in accordance with EN ISO 18265 and ASTM E 140
  • A signal is processed in the measurement probe, probe connection cable is extendable
  • Digital transmission of the hardness value via USB, enabling simple integration into automatic testing systems
  • Alignment data and measurement series can be saved and retrieved for later use.

Areas of application:

  • Rapid hardness testing on serial parts following heat treatment
  • Hardness testing on parts following surface processing
  • Mobile weld seam inspection in tight spaces
  • Measuring coating hardness with several measurement points
  • Suitable for simple alignment on (almost) all fine-grained, homogenous materials

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Measuring Specification

Measuring principleUCI Method, corresponds to DIN 50159, ASTM A1038
Test indenterVickers diamond 136°
Test loads

Newton scale (1kgf = 9.81 N)

Motor probes: 1N (0.1 kgf), 3N (0.3kgf) and 8.6 N (0.8 kgf)
Handheld Probes: 10N (1 kgf), 49N (5kgf), 98N (10kgf)
(Other test loads on request)
Hardness scales and range



Conversions are acc. to latest ASTM E140, EN ISO 18265, and DIN 50150. Conversions into tensile strength: 98N (10kgf) test load only.

Vickers HV 10 – 9999
Brinell HB 76 – 618
Knoop HK 87 – 920 (ASTM only)
Rockwell HRB 41 – 105
Rockwell HRF 82,6 – 115,1
Rockwell HRC 20,3 – 68
Rockwell HRA 60,7 – 85,6
Rockwell HRD 40,3 – 76,9 (EN ISO 18265 only)
HR45N 19,9 – 75,4
Tensile Strenght MPa (N/mm2) 255 – 2180 (EN ISO 18265 only)
Measurement uncertainty< 3% of the average out of 5 measurements relative to the plate value
Relative repeatability< 3% (range relative to the average out of 5 measurements on reference block 300HV using motor probes 3N, 8.6N)

Mechanical and Environmental (Instrument and probe)

Operating time>8 hours in measurement operation (depending on system performance, temperature and instrument settings), up to 6 hours continuous operation, quick exchangeable battery pack
Operating TemperatureProbe: 0°C to ~ +50°C

Instrument: -10° ~ +50°C // Charging +10°C ~ +45°C

Storage Temperature-20°C ~ +60°C
HumidityMax. 90%, non-condensing
DimensionsInstrument ca. 132x78x22 mm

Motor probe Ø38mm, L=190 mm

Handheld probe Ø25 mm, L=176 mm

(free length oscillation rod ca. 12,5 mm)

Handheld probe  Ø25 mm, L=207 mm

(free length oscillation rod ca. 43 mm)



Instrument ca. 280 gr

Handheld probe ca. 280 gr

Motor probe ca. 370 gr


Processor and MemoryTI Cortex A8 / 256 MB SDRAM / 512 MB Flash / micro SD Card up to 32 GB
Operating systemWindows Embedded Handheld (WM 6.5)
KeypadKeypad (21-key-Mobile alphanumeric keypad with backlight) and full alphanumeric software keyboard
PowerMain battery: 3,7V / 2600mAh, LiPo hard pack, quick exchange

Charging time: <2h to 80% capacity (Instrument off)

Shelf Hours: Up to 6 month

AC Power supply/charger: 90V to 264VAC 50/60Hz to 5VDC

Display3.5″ color transflective TFT (320×240) with 4W-resistive touch screen, high brigthness LED-backlight (440 Cd/m2), adjustable
InterfacesUSB1.1 (Host and Device), micro SD-card, WLAN, Bluetooth version 2.1 +EDR,CLASS2
Dust/Water-splash proofIP54 level (compliant with IEC60529 standard)
Drop test1.2-Meter / 4 Feet Drop Threshold
Tumble Test150 1.65 ft./0.5 m tumbles (equivalent to 300 consecutive drops) at room temperature; meets and exceeds applicable IEC tumble specifications
Vibration testMIL-STD 810G Method 514.5, figure 514.5C-1; 1 hour per axis
Instrument LanguageGerman, English, more on request

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