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SNK Ultra 365

With the SNK Ultra 365, we have paved the way to completely new inspection possibilities.
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The SNK Ultra 365 comes with all the advantages of our proven SNK 60x vessel camera and is additionally equipped with a UV LED illumination. With this illumination you can detect flaws and residues that you would otherwise not be able to see.

Scope of application The SNK is a pan-tilt-zoom camera that is designed for inspections of larger containers and tanks. The SNK Ultra 365 is particularly suitable for vessel inspections in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. With its special UV illumination, the SNK Ultra is the ideal inspection camera for cleanliness testing and riboflavin tests.

Cleanliness testing In this test, the inside of the vessel or tank is wetted with a fluorescent contrast medium such as riboflavin. Contaminated areas absorb the contrast medium and are made visible through the UV radiation of the SNK Ultra 365, as can be seen in the picture. The container is now cleaned until no more green spots are visible.

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Crack testing Even smallest surface indications to a container can be made visible through dye penetrant testing with the SNK Ultra 365. The fluorescent medium creeps in small cracks and reflects green when being shined at with the UV illumination of the SNK 365. This way, damage becomes visible, can be located and evaluated.

Reliable operation and documentation Like the SNK 60x and Revolver 80, the SNK Ultra 365 is operated via our MATRIX documentation system. Testing with fluorescent media often requires working without any visible light: To comply with all test criteria, any necessary camera function can be easily switched from automatic to manual setting. Through this system, you gain access to many image optimization functions and other useful features. Benefit from the intuitive touchscreen user interface and save your inspection results in comprehensible documentations.

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