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PowerTrain Pipe Crawler

The Nexxis PowerTrain is a reliable, versatile, and innovative pipe inspection solution that offers a complete inspection solution for asset owners.
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The Nexxis PowerTrain robotic crawler is the future of pipe inspection technology. With its compact design and ability to navigate tight bends and vertical pipe segments, it provides a reliable solution for asset owners to collect quality inspection data. With a working pipe diameter range as low as 150mm and up, the PowerTrain is designed to cover a wide range of pipes on-site.

The PowerTrain is equipped with a central rotating body that spins the sensor payload, providing full coverage of a particular section of pipe. This allows for the collection of high-resolution and 3D mapping data, and is interchangeable to include other NDT methods including UT wall thickness measurements. Equipped with HD video stream providing real-time inspection.

The PowerTrain software is packed with features that make it a powerful data collection and inspection tool. Automated routines allow for efficient data collection, while video recording and still image capture provide a visual record of the inspection. Location tagging makes it easy to identify the location of any anomalies, and job recording enables thorough tracking of the inspection process. In addition, the software includes comprehensive reporting capabilities, making it simple to share inspection data with stakeholders. With these features and more, the PowerTrain truly elevates the level of efficiency and accuracy in the pipe inspection process..

The Nexxis PowerTrain is a reliable, versatile, and innovative pipe inspection solution that offers a complete inspection solution for asset owners. With its compact design, full coverage capabilities, and advanced software features, it is the future of pipe inspection technology.



  • Petrochemical  
  • Oil & Gas  
  • Nuclear  
  • Mining  
  • Municipal  
  • Water  
  • LNG 



  • Drill risers  
  • Caissons 
  • Penstocks  
  • Water pipework  
  • Sewer lines  
  • Gas pipes  
  • Pipes featuring horizontal and multiple bends. 

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Operating Parameters / Specifications
Inspections Range 100m – 300m
Pipe Sizes Minimum: ID ø180mm, 2D bends
ID ø200mm, 2D bends
ID ø250mm, 1.5D bends
ID ø300mm, 1.5D bends
ID ø350mm, 1.5D bends
Maximum: ID ø400mm, 1.5D bends
Driving Speed Minimum: 0.5m/min
Maximum: 4.5m/min
Operating Temperature 0 – 50⁰C
Ingress Protection Crawler Watertight Assembly (Water Washable)
Power 72VDC Transmission System
(Supply from JuiceBox Controller)110/240VAC Supply Topside
to JuiceBox Controller


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