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Pipe Inspection Made Easy With A PTZ Camera

Ca-Zoom PTZ 100 Camera

Pipe inspection has been revolutionised with the development of PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras.

Inspecting pipes has historically been very challenging, costly and often dangerous, but the advent of these versatile cameras has not only speeded up the process and improved productivity, it has also vastly enhanced the safety of inspection operations.

These rugged yet highly specialised devices allow fast and easy viewing of enclosed spaces like pipes while avoiding manned access – plus their use of powerful digital zoom lenses enables detailed and accurate viewing, even from considerable distances.

GE has set the industry benchmark in terms of PTZ cameras.  Its popular Ca-Zoom PTZ system is widely acknowledged as the best available and is used across a diversity of industry for easy pipe inspections.  Its rugged construction and apparent simplicity belie its highly advanced technological capabilities and it has become the must-have remote visual inspection device for any area where technicians cannot or should not venture.

Ca-Zoom PTZ 70 Camera Ca-Zoom PTZ 100 Camera Ca-Zoom PTZ 140 Camera
Ca-Zoom PTZ 70 Camera Ca-Zoom PTZ 100 Camera PTZ 140 Ca-Zoom pan tilt camera

When there are pipes that need inspecting, the self-contained Ca-Zoom PTZ system will meet all the following requirements:

Ease of use

It is lightweight and compact, capable of fitting through pipe diameters as small as 10cm.


It has a sensitive dual joystick controls for manoeuvring and positioning the PTZ camera as well as for navigating the menu and controlling character generation.


Several interchangeable camera heads with three different diameter options are available including a 36x optical with 12 x digital zoom (PTZ 14) and 10x optical with 4x digital (PTZ 100).  The unit’s menu driven set-up also provides options for enabling or disabling the digital zoom range, the brightness, inverted control of pan and tilt as well as the camera’s home positioning.

Superior illumination

High-powered lighting in the form of spot lights and flood lamps are fully controllable to suit any inspection environment.

Superior images

High definitions stills and full motion video recording are possible, which allow detailed and accurate viewing.


As many pipe inspections are underwater, the Ca-Zoom system is ideal as it is waterproof to 45 m (150 feet) or 4.5 bar (65 psi).  It can also  withstand temperatures from 0° F to 120° F.

The Ca-Zoom also simplifies pipe inspections with its parallel laser measurement feature and its ability to set and save up to 10 different locations and camera settings.

Another huge benefit is the intuitive drop-down menu and full-featured embedded file management system which makes it easy for operators to navigate the system as well as for them to assess the inspection area in real-time and make more informed decisions.

Pipe inspections are easy with PTZ cameras and organisations can keep abreast of this continually evolving technology by renting any of the Ca-Zoom PTZ cameras from Nexxis, one of the leading technical equipment suppliers in Australia.  We offer the full range of PTZ cameras as well as a variety of other RVI and NDT equipment for short term and long-term hire as well as for purchase – and if you’d like more information, please contact us.

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