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Modular & Unique: How the Zenith offers endless configurations

Zenith 021220 on display

The challenges of vertical asset inspection are many, with less-than-adequate access being the stand-out issue in many cases. Irregularities in conformity or assets without a solid construction above are common issues, and it is with these conundrums in mind that the Zenith was created.

Unique inspections required a unique approach

It was all very well producing a remote drop camera system, but the team at Interactive Aerial wanted a solution that would suit all scenarios. To address this meant designing a model that could be altered to suit every bespoke situation. The answer was an arrangement that was completely modular – and this included the ability to remove components, as well as adding them on.

It wasn’t enough for the system to offer complete remote operation. Nor was it adequate that it was simple to use. What was essential was both of these advantages were combined with what is essentially endless configuration options to suit the needs of every type of vertical asset inspection.

Case Study #1: No manway at the top of the asset

This is an unfortunately common scenario, so it was essential that the Zenith could overcome it. The need to prevent unnecessary confined space entry is paramount, so the design team overcame this with a deceptively simple solution.

Such assets typically have vent openings or cable holes at the top, so the team realised that these could be incorporated into the Zenith’s usability. By placing the tripod at the top of the asset, the small cable can be fed through even the smallest of openings (without the camera attached) and lowered to ground level. Then a Sheppard hook can be used to attach the Zenith to the cable and the remote inspection performed.

Case Study #2: Offset manhole

The team were presented with a vertical asset inspection of a shaft that had a ground level manhole with a hatch that was 3 metres (10 foot) down and 3 metres over. Once again, the perfect scenario was to avoid human confined space entry.

Thanks to the Zenith boasting a wholly configurable tripod, as well as a gantry and extension arm, the inspection was carried out without having to position the tripod directly over the hatch. This allowed all personnel to remain above ground and carry out the inspection in complete safety.

Engineers with blue sky thinking

These are but two examples of how the Zenith system can be manipulated to address virtually any vertical asset inspection scenario. The endless multiple configurations allow for even the most complicated requirements to be successfully overcome. Nexxis, who supply to the Zenith in the US and Australia, believe in delivering structured training and support for any new technology that is implemented. All Zenith users have access to Nexxis’ talented engineering team who will assist in the correct setup to fit your situation. Should you be unable to determine how it might work for your asset, simply contact the Nexxis Solutions Team who can provide technical and expert advice on the right modular configuration to carry out a remote inspection.

Nexxis is proud to offer the Zenith 4K vertical inspection camera – just one example of how this equipment provider is forever bringing cutting-edge technological solutions to its customers. It’s this drive for industry expertise that makes a Nexxis partnership so beneficial. An intimate knowledge of the need for flexibility in equipment procurement allows for a dynamic working relationship. Not only does this provide a truly cost-effective approach, but allows operators to benefit from the exact apparatus they need at the time of requirement.

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