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Mentor Visual IQ: Accurate Measurement For The Mining Industry

As with many different industries, the mining sector makes extensive use of visual inspection equipment to evaluate the integrity and the condition of its assets to ensure their continued safety and performance.

Given the harsh and demanding operating environment of many mining operations, these video borescopes need to be sufficiently robust to withstand tough conditions yet sufficiently sensitive to deliver highly accurate and precise information, time after time.

The new Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe has had wide acceptance across the mining sector as a standout performer because of its precision operation, even under the most demanding conditions.   It is used to remotely inspect the internal workings of a variety of different equipment and processes on mine sites around the world, delivering high-resolution video images of the inspection areas with its powerful combination of advanced fibre optic technology, powerful light source and high definition miniature camera.   The fixed focus feature and large depth of field eliminate any need for manual focusing whilst the measurement capabilities enable fast and precise analysis and measurements.

One of the reasons that the Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe is such a popular choice in the mining industry is because of its versatility and ease-of-use.  In addition to its superior image quality and precise detection, it can support a number of different probes with differing lengths and diameters which allow technicians greater flexibility in the collection of accurate measurement data using the single system.  Operators can handle the equipment with ease, and the touch screen interface, on-screen keyboard, ergonomic buttons and intuitive menu allow technicians to speed up the inspection process whilst collecting a variety of accurate assessment data.

The advanced technology also enables technicians to connect with other parties via the internet during inspections and share screens and images of the inspection site.  This real-time sharing of information allows collaboration and information sharing on an unprecedented level – improving efficiency and therefore reducing costs.

Like many other industries, downtime in mining operations can be extremely costly and unproductive – and visual inspection equipment plays a vital role in the early detection of potential problems and eliminating unnecessary and unplanned stoppages.  It’s a key factor in preserving the integrity and condition of assets on mine sites, both above and below ground, and in situations where safety, quality and performance are paramount, it’s evident that the Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe is an essential piece of equipment.

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