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Introducing Zenith: The ultimate vertical inspection solution

Zenith equipment fully assembled

Effective vertical space inspection has historically been a challenge and, up until now, there’s been no definitive user-friendly, cost and time-effective solution. Enter the Zenith – a simple to use, interactive, remote drop camera system that allows users to survey 500+ feet of vertical space, negating the need for costly downtime, human entry and the many related health and safety issues.

Unique Challenges Require a Unique Solution 

Vertical asset inspection has a multitude of difficulties, one of the  greatest being an inability to capture reliable data. Wind drafts and hard to reach areas bring about indeterminate inspection information, something that often leads to inaccurate maintenance and repair planning.

In addition, appropriating effective surveillance in enclosed spaces, such as vessels and tank, stacks, ventilation shafts through to dry bulk holds and ballast tanks, brings additional predicaments that include:

  • The need to erect scaffolding
  • Deploying a rope access team
  • Heavy duty winches to support traditional drop camera systems
  • Systems to stabilise a drop camera head
  • Lengthy deployment times
  • Less-than-perfect camera resolution, optical zoom and heading control
  • Difficulty in gaining adequate visuals and measurements in deep, unlit areas
  • Loss of GPS signal and magnetic interference from surrounding steel complicating effective drone operation

These, combined with lengthy asset downtime, the safety risk to operators and, when considering arial options, the need for extensive training and/or a pilot’s license to operate drone inspections, has always meant that essential inspections come with a hefty price tag.

But now, Zenith provides a very real alternative – one that is set to revolutionise the process.

Zenith: Top down inspections – simplified…

The Zenith system has been designed to overcome many inspection difficulties, improving worker safety, and saving company time and money in the process. This has been accomplished thanks to careful design and by taking advantage of cutting-edge technology.

While Zenith drastically improves multiple elements of a vertical inspection process, the stand-out headline feature is the ability for operators to capture highly accurate data. Thanks to 4K camera stability, detailed inspection data is immediately at your fingertips, allowing for faster, better decisions to be made in the field.

The Zenith benefits include:

  • #1: Zenith is a remotely operated drop camera system: The operator can be up to 900m away and the camera is deployable up to 600m away
  • #2: Zenith is simple to use: The controller was designed with the inspector in mind. An easy video tutorial is all that’s needed to operate. No certification or license is necessary, and the controls are ergonomically designed to be intuitive and easily worked when fully gloved
  • #3: Zenith allows full operational control: Wireless operation with up to 500m of drop camera range, rotates 360o panning & 180o tilt (photo/video/zoom)
  • #4: Zenith gives 2+ hours of operation: Allows inspections to be completed without the need to change batteries
  • #5: Zenith provides high quality 4K data capture: Offers video recording, HD video streaming, 18MP still images, 30x optical zoom, adjustable 10K lumen of LED lighting – allows for the production of photogrammetry models
  • #6: Zenith is tough & transportable: Packs into 2 hard shell cases for easy transportation
  • #7: Zenith has secondary payload capability: Such as thermal imaging, gas detection and survey-grade lidar
  • #8: Zenith has multiple live viewing screens: A large HD screen bult into the controller and the option to pair a second video receiver to a projector, TV or tablet
  • #9: Zenith removes the need for confined space entry: Zenith has extension arms and a modular winch, meaning the operator will never need to break the plane and enter the confined space

Zenith: The perfect example of solution-driven tech from Nexxis

The Zenith system provides fully automated inspections of even the hardest to reach vertical asset. Mining shafts, silos, elevator shafts, towers, stacks, sewer systems… The list is endless. Designed by industry experts for ease of use, cost reduction and real-time data collection, Zenith brings the future to the here-and-now.

The system is just one example of the Nexxis difference, whereby every partnership is unique, creating a flexible working model that ensures the lease, purchase or rental of the right equipment at the right time.

If your operation wants to benefit from this forward-thinking method of equipment procurement, visit Nexxis and discover the art of the possible.

Find out more about The Zenith or contact us today for a no-obligation chat.

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