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Crystal Cam Amber – Seattle Aquarium Dive Cam

Crystal Cam Amber Pipe Inspection Camera

The Crystal Cam Amber camera might be small in size but it’s making a huge impact at the Seattle Aquarium.

The star attraction at the Seattle Aquarium is a mammoth 450 000-litre ‘Window on Washington Waters’ exhibit which replicates the richly populated marine environment of the north western coast of Washington State.

The huge 6m x 12m cantilevered viewing window gives visitors a clear view of the 800 fish and invertebrates which populate the tank – but the exhibit really comes to life during special sessions during the day when dive crews use their Crystal Cam underwater cameras to provide the audience with interactive commentary and big screen visuals.


Wearing specialised masks and using Crystal Cam Amber cameras, the dive crews take to the water three times every day at 10am, 11.30am and 12.15pm.  They are able to talk back and forth with aquarium interpreters who are on the outside of the exhibit and answer questions from the audience.  Visuals from the high-resolution Crystal Cam cameras display on a big screen, enhancing the audience’s whole experience.


The cameras were also used on the aquarium’s recent octopus exhibit, monitoring the two octopi together and enabling visitors and researchers to gain deeper insights into the behaviour of these molluscs.

The Crystal Cam Amber is compact, lightweight and fully encased in transparent epoxy making it the ideal camera solution for the aquarium where manoeuvrability and versatility are paramount.  Used with either a head or handle mount, these high resolution cameras provide an up-close-and-personal view of the 800 fish and invertebrates in the ‘Window on Washington Waters’ exhibit, with the fully integrated high intensity LED lighting enabling razor sharp visuals even in the darkest reaches of the coral and rock formations.

Crystal Cam Amber Pipe Inspection Camera

The Crystal Cam Amber is fully encased in epoxy and depth rated to 300m, so it’s the ideal camera solution for underwater environments.

Despite its extensive list of impressive credentials, the Crystal Cam Amber is surprisingly affordable, which is probably one of the main reasons that the Seattle Aquarium is interested in adding to its inventory.  Before the aquarium makes a final choice of product, features to be considered are high definition (HD) and IP (internet protocol) which would negate the need for further hardware.

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