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Case Study – Measurement Of Internal Weld Profile On CRA Clad Pipe Using A GE Mentor iQ Borescope

Overview: Nexxis was asked to help assist with a method to measure an internal weld section of a subsea pipeline being fabricated in a workshop. The welds in this case were approximately 2-30 meters deep from the entry point or pipe end. Our solution was to use a GE Mentor iQ Borescope.

Details: A section of CRA clad pipe was welded. The end user requirements were to measure the internal height of the weld and defects such as undercut, the tolerance was 0.1mm depth and length +1mm which was critical for subsea installation

Method of measurement: Considering the size of the pipe and also the criticality, Nexxis suggested a Mentor iQ, a borescope used in the aviation industry for internal jet engine inspections that can also measure well within the specifications.

The section of weld that is to be measured is shown below.

Internal Weld 2

Shooting an image is simple and once done, measurements are done by the Stereo option. Using the ‘Depth’ option, a triangulation is created beside the weld profile and then scanning the point to be inspected.

Internal Weld 3

Creating a triangulation just beside the weld profile reduces the variations and gives consistent results. Though we had difficulties initially, following the basic protocols ensured that the values were consistent at different points in the weld.

Measurements were also done using the 3D Phase Measurement option and the results were used to prove the results.

Conclusion: Nexxis’ solution to use the GE Mentor iQ provided accurate results in a location where manual measurement was practically not possible. Having a proper set up can reduce the inspection lead time significantly in comparison with manual inspection, as it is done in one go by articulating the probe.


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