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Business Continuity Plan: COVID-19

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To our Friends and Clients,

On behalf of Nexxis Pty Ltd and SixDe Pty Ltd, we are writing to you in light of the continuing developments around the COVID-19 coronavirus. Nexxis and SixDe are committed to managing our response to Covid-19 in accordance with Global, Federal and State Government and Non-Government Agencies, giving consideration to these recommendations and emerging best practice.

Our commitment is to the safety of our people and clients, stability of our services, and our social consideration to the greater community. To us this means ensuring our business is equipped to continue managing your interests, so that you can have confidence in the months ahead.

What we are doing:

  • Nexxis & SixDe have enacted a business continuity plan.
  • The Nexxis business continuity plan is being reviewed weekly and is initially structured for 180 days.
  • Nexxis & SixDe have identified the key risks to our business to include the health of our personnel, supply of materials and equipment, and shipment of our equipment to customers.

Nexxis has a staged approach to the crisis, that is aimed at reducing the risk to our workforce and business continuity.

In addition:

  • Implementing a Fitness for Work Declaration to be signed on a weekly basis which covers social distancing.
  • We are working with our people to monitor symptoms and enacting self-quarantine
    measures (as applicable).
  • We are engaging with all external parties to redirect meetings to telephone calls or tele/video conference systems.
  • We are restricting attendance at our Workshops by external parties.
  • We are assessing the conditions on a regular basis and implementing the necessary actions.
  • We have built up our stock levels to try and anticipate shortages.
  • We have implemented a strict health, hygiene and sanitization regime at our workplaces.

What we are asking of you:

  • We would ask for your understanding that we may not be able to attend face-to-face meetings with you for the time being (where these meetings are able to be readily transitioned onto technology platforms, i.e. phone/video call).
  • We ask for your patience whilst we work through this evolving situation. We are focusing our efforts on ensuring that our services remain uninterrupted, and everyone remains safe. If there is an unavoidable interruption (be that the activation of our off-site work plan, or a Government directive) we will respond as thoroughly, professionally and safely as possible, and will make every endeavour to minimise the impact to our services and customers.

If you have a special request for circumstances not outlined above, please contact Troy Smith or Jason De Silveira.

We will be continuously monitoring the situation and will keep you updated as our approach evolves.
For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Warm regards,

Troy Smith
Global Operations Director

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