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The Benefits Of Laser Measurement For Correct Machine Geometry

Getting your machine geometry right is the foundation of effective and efficient machine operation and optimised production. If your machine geometry is off, a crooked movement or uneven surface for example, you’ll still be getting misaligned results no matter how precise your other alignment calibrations. Using a laser measurement system to check your machine geometry is a lot simpler and far more accurate than older, more traditional technologies.

Why Use a Laser Measurement System?

Correct machine geometry helps meet quality standards, keeping everything within defined parameters and tolerances, as well as helping to cut down on waste. Older measurement systems such as stones or dial gauges were fine in their day and can still be used on some applications, but today we have a better, far more effective solution in laser measurement suitable to modern machinery.

  • Laser measurement is simple to use and lightweight which means you can get your measurements and preparations done quickly.
  • Laser systems make it possible to align and measure over long distances with accurate results.
  • You’ll be saving time by being able to use the laser system to measure both X and Y axis simultaneously.
  • You can rely on the laser beam to always provide a 100% straight and accurate reference.
  • Read and follow the alignment while making adjustments from any position.
  • Easily document your results electronically and transfer to your computing system
  • Simple to compare your results with the ISO standards.
  • Can be used to measure flatness, level, straightness, bearing condition, squareness, pointing direction of spindles, and a lot more.
  • Laser measurement systems can be used on a wide range of machines including milling equipment, presses, boring machines, lathes and water cutting machines.

Whatever your operation, a laser measurement system allows you complete control over your machine park and production, ensuring your machines are able to function effectively at their fullest capacity saving you and your operation loads of time and money. With laser measurement keeping your machine geometry in check, your delivery precision and product quality will remain at the highest of standards. Top of Form

To find out more about how laser alignment systems can benefit your work, get in contact with us today and check out our state of the art range of laser alignment equipment.

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