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The Advantages of Robotics for Inspection & Maintenance In The Petroleum & Petrochemical Industries

Custom Robotic Crawler WHRU

The time of the robot is well and truly upon us, and strategic use of such technology is set to bring about significant safety advances and cost efficiency for global industry. And this is particularly true when it comes to the production of petroleum and petrochemicals.

However, because of the colossal value of these industries, with assets totalling billions of dollars, it’s understandable that those held responsible for ensuring continued profits are decidedly cautious when it comes to embracing new technology.

The use of robots for inspection and maintenance is by no means the norm quite yet. But as more and more proof of the advantages becomes common knowledge, such solutions are becoming more widespread.

Inspection and maintenance challenges

Historically, achieving efficient inspection and maintenance of assets is a necessary but expensive task that needs to be carried out on a regular basis. Challenges posed include:

  • Significant downtime of assets causing reduced revenue
  • High costs associated with the opening, inspection, cleaning and maintenance of assets
  • Lengthy preparation periods to set up scaffolding and vent toxic gases to create a safe environment for human entry
  • The risk to human life when entering confined spaces and non or reduced oxygen atmospheres
  • The high cost of specialist inspection and maintenance teams
  • Worker compensation following accidents or incidents
  • The risk of human error during inspection
  • Inadequate visualisation of certain structures that are inaccessible for humans

Such challenges have meant that inspections and necessary maintenance can take weeks – even months – to complete. While this is taking place revenue ceases, so the need for speed is paramount. In addition, such challenges create little enthusiasm for companies to carry out proactive inspection over and above what’s required by legal industry standards.

Enter the robots

Rapidly advancing technology over the past decade has brought us to an era that’s truly able to overcome many of these challenges. And whilst we’re not quite in the realms of the most futuristic of sci-fi movies yet, the tech continues to advance. Today, robots such as crawlers and drones are able to reduce multiple challenges of inspection and maintenance, providing the opportunity for companies to not only meet health and safety requirements, but to exceed them, therefore reaping the benefits of proactive asset analysis and associated reduction in maintenance costs.

Advantages of using robotic technology for inspection and maintenance

Small, agile robots, drones, quadcopters and artificial intelligence now make it possible to not only inspect the various components of assets, but, in some cases, carry out tasks autonomously. So advanced is AI that some machinery can even carry out necessary maintenance that’s been detected.

The advantages this brings to these multi-billion dollar industries is immense:

  • Eliminating or minimising the need for human entry into hazardous environments, therefore significantly reducing risk. This also brings about associated lowered insurance premiums
  • Reducing or negating requirements for venting enclosed areas and erecting scaffolding, therefore shortening the downtime of assets
  • Dramatically reducing environmental risks
  • Superior collection of data due to the elimination of human error or the inability to visualize hard to access areas
  • Increased quality of data makes for better decision making and considerations for necessary maintenance and inspection schedules

Solution driven robotics

Such robotics continue to evolve. Today it’s possible to use a single piece of kit to carry out multiple inspection and maintenance tasks. For instance, modular crawlers can be configured for the task in hand by changing the setup as necessary with multiple sensors, controllers, cameras, tracks and manipulators. Ariel vehicles can quickly inspect not only exterior locations, but large, high interior spaces as well.

In a global marketplace that’s predicted to reach over $7 trillion US dollars* (Oil & Gas) by 2024 and $958.8 billion** (Petrochemical) by 2025, companies, although sensibly judicious in their eagerness to take advantage of such technology, are fast-becoming aware of the competitive edge it can bring.


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