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Why The Mentor Visual iQ Offers Accurate Measurement For The Subsea Industry

The GE Mentor Visual iQTM VideoProbe Borescope for Remote Visual Inspection

Inspections in any underwater operations be they offshore oil and gas developments, marine biology applications, underwater mining, offshore wind power or search and rescue operations come with significant challenges, but new technology has just come to market which is revolutionising the subsea remote visual inspection (RVI) landscape.

The world’s most advanced video borescope, the Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe makes light work of challenging inspections of subsea equipment which is inaccessible or hazardous to access – and in the short time since making its debut, it has become the tool of choice for identifying visual disturbances and indications in many subsea applications.

It’s no ordinary borescope.  The Mentor Visual iQ offers accurate measurement even in the harshest subsea environment and comes with an array of advanced features that enable improved inspection productivity and outcomes and which help operators make informed decisions about protecting their crucial assets, extending the life of their plant and enhancing safety and productivity.

Both the costs and the risks of subsea installations are high and making sure that equipment is operating optimally is vital.  Concerns about environmental risks, safety, productivity and profitability are all top of the agenda – and quick and accurate detection of any flaws in the installation will minimise the risk of failure and reduce the likelihood of operational or repair costs.  And that’s why the Mentor Visual iQ with its ability to detect indications faster and with greater accuracy is such an important tool in the subsea sector.

Here are some of the reasons why the Mentor Visual iQ offers such accurate measurement:

  • It uses triangular imaging adapted from medical diagnostic technology to provide 3D presentation of a two-dimensional image (3D Phase Measurement)
  • It can be used together with a probe which comprises a high definition camera attached to the end fibre optic cables (in standard lengths of 3 – 30 metres)
  • It offers a full colour video camera with 5x digital zoom and a new ground-up image processing system
  • It enables crystal clear live video and crisp still image capture
  • Dual bank WiFi and Bluetooth functionality enable real-time image sharing and collaboration which facilitates and improves decision-making
  • It offers full tip optic interchangeability to suit different applications
  • Its high intensity LED light source provides improved image brightness, plus the lights can be adjusted remotely to optimise the image
  • It is portable, lightweight and ergonomic and its rugged durability makes it ideal for challenging subsea conditions

Early detection of leaks, weld failures, corrosion, pitting, changes in the surface structure of pipes and other indications is critical in subsea operations where failure could pose major safety risks, disrupt production and cost huge sums of money to repair as well as cause severe environmental and ecological harm.

Having the right tools is essential to ensure fast and accurate inspection and optimum detection of imperfections, and that’s why the Mentor Visual iQ videoprobe, available in Australia from leading technical equipment supplier, Nexxis, is the first-choice for RVI in sub-sea operations.  For more information on this or any other RVI or NDT solution, please call 08 9418 4952 or visit to see their extensive product range for purchase, lease or rent.

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