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Why The Mentor Visual iQ Offers Accurate Measurement For The Petroleum Industry

GE Mentor iQ Borescope for Remote Visual Inspection

In the petroleum industry, there’s no room for chance or error when it comes to the performance of equipment.

Pipelines, turbines, valves, pumps, gearboxes, compressors, heat exchangers, boilers, headers plus a host of other equipment and rotating machines have to operate in peak condition otherwise their safety and efficiency may be compromised.

Routine inspections of the internal condition of plant and equipment are critical – but the outcomes of any inspection are only as good as the equipment being used.   Rapid identification, location and isolation of any defect or fault is imperative and that’s why engineers and inspection technicians in the petroleum industry have come to rely on the Mentor Visual iQ videoprobe to deliver the best outcomes in terms of remote visual inspection of internal or inaccessible areas.


The advantages of remote inspection are considerable and can result in reduced downtime, better assessment of equipment for critical or preventative maintenance, improved safety and reduced costs.

Let’s examine some of the key requirements of remote visual inspection equipment for the petroleum industry.  Devices need to be:

  • Built tough to withstand the harshest industrial environments
  • Waterproof
  • Oil proof
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Able to manoeuvre effectively in confined spaces
  • Able to capture exceptionally high quality still images or video footage
  • WiFi and/or Bluetooth enabled for real-time collaboration

The Mentor Visual iQ doesn’t just meet these requirements – its ground-breaking design and technical innovations deliver outcomes that far exceed the expectations of inspection technicians in the petroleum sector.

Here’s what this state-of-the-art videoscope does:

  • It performs in the toughest field conditions (it is designed to IP67 specifications)
  • It offers faster, more accurate detection than ever before, thereby increasing the probability of detection
  • It offers innovative 3D phase measurement for surface scanning and analysis
  • It offers superior image quality through the advanced high resolution CMOS or CCD image sensors integrated in the tip of the insertion probe
  • It is equipped with a powerful LED light source which can be remotely operated for optimum viewing
  • It offers outstanding connectivity and real-time collaboration through WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • It offers greater versatility with its variety of interchangeable insertion probes (eg rigid, semi-rigid, flexible, articulated, braided for additional strength, different lengths and diameters)

Inspection technicians in the petroleum industry rely on their industrial videoscopes to search for any pitting, cracking, corrosion, damage through wear and tear, weld failures and other defects that may impair the safe and efficient operation of the equipment.   Speed, accuracy and reliability are crucial and that’s why they’re turning to the market leader, the Mentor Visual iQ.

If you think your operation could benefit from this versatile and efficient RVI tool, contact us to see how it can be customised to suit your particular application.

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