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Magneto: Changing The Future Of Robotics

Exciting times ahead for the robotics and technology industry. Magneto shows us the future and evolution of robotic technology.

Created by Data61 and CSIRO, the Magneto has electro-magnetic feet used to climb and inspect complex industrial structures. The magnapods on the soles of the feet of the Magneto, have a high degree of freedom, giving flexibility in operation.

Magneto incorporates autonomy features that enable complex manipulations while remaining simple to operate. With stable navigation and seamless movement, Magneto is able to place its feet in small gaps and on narrow beams; adapting its body configuration to navigate different beam separation and through narrow apertures. Object detection features help the robot navigate through complex structures.

These structures are challenging for humans to inspect and often involve dangerous or risky operations, such as rope access. Magneto helps reduce human risk and improves the efficiency of the job. One of Nexxis’ goals is to help minimize risk and increase the safety of the workforce, and Magneto makes this possible.

When robotics is rented, leased or bought; companies are investing into an outcome and solution, not just a robot. Robotics is a cost and time effective option, to solve a problem.

Magneto is currently in a road-mapped development and commercialization program but, will be taking the next step from research, to being field ready. This program needs participants from a range of industries to be involved. The research is designed to raise the technology level to move it to commercial readiness.

If this interests you, contact Nexxis to be a part of this be robotic evolution. Visit our website to see our full product range of remote inspection equipment to rent, lease or buy.

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