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Laser Alignment Systems –The Top 5 Benefits

At Nexxis, laser alignment systems are one of our specialities so we’re well aware of the advantages a laser alignment system can bring to your workplace.

Integrating a laser alignment system into your workshop offers everything from efficient production, reduced downtime, workplace safety and even ways you can save money. Take a look at the Top 5 benefits of a laser alignment system and consider how your workplace could benefit.

1. Reduces Downtime Due to Breakdowns and Malfunction

Operating an improperly aligned machine is asking for a world of problems – everything from vibration issues, wear and tear on parts and reduced machine performance and lifespan. All of this adds up to a lot of needless downtimes while you wait around for your machines to be fixed so you can get back to work. Laser alignment ensures your machines are properly aligned, keeping vibrations in check, minimising unnecessary wear and tear and keeping your equipment running at full capacity for longer.

2. Laser Alignment Provides a Safer Work Environment

Misalignment in some machines can cause a range of potentially hazardous problems like fluid leaks and excessive noise. By ensuring your equipment is correctly aligned using a laser alignment system, you can reduce and even completely eliminate these dangerous situations ensuring you and your team can maintain a safe and comfortable working environment.

3. Properly Aligned Machines are Environmentally Friendly

Something a lot of people don’t even realise is that operating inefficient and misaligned machinery also comes at a cost to the environment. There’s not only the production and consumption wastage of constantly replacing parts to consider, but misalignment can also contribute to environmentally harmful fluid leaks as well as the excess energy used in running an inefficient machine.

4. Improves Workplace Time and Cost Efficiency

With a machine running smoothly with correct laser alignment, you’re not wasting time with machine adjustments or downtime caused by breakdown and malfunction.  A laser aligned machine also means you can significantly reduce the potential for big project mistakes as well as being able to rely on a consistently efficient operation. This all results in smooth and productive processing which means less work time and more money saved. Also, don’t forget about the savings you’ll be making on your energy expenses by having an efficiently running machine.

5. Laser Alignment Systems Suits Measurement and Alignment Applications

Laser alignment systems have a multitude of uses on a range of machines in a variety of industries. Some measurement systems are flexible with both brackets and measurement programs, and since measurement and alignment problems often mirror one another you’ll find similarities with both your alignment and measurement needs.

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