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Aerospace: Accurate Measurement with the Mentor Visual IQ

Mentor IQ and Mini Probe High Res

When it comes to the reliability, performance and safety of aircraft equipment and components, there’s no room for compromise or inaccuracy.  That’s why remote visual inspection (RVI) has become such a widely used technique throughout the aerospace industry to examine difficult-to-access interiors of a wide range of parts and structures to identify problems early on and to make sure the aircraft is always operating in peak condition and airworthiness.

Significant technological advances have been made in the field of RVI, with innovations such as flexible probes, high-definition cameras and sophisticated data collection and analysis creating even more opportunities for smarter, more precise and more flexible inspection.   One product that has risen head and shoulders above the competition is the Mentor Visual IQ VideoProbe which has set new industry standards for precision, detection, productivity and portability.

This highly advanced yet rugged video borescope offers 3D measurement and sizeable processing capacity which enables users to speed up inspection time and increase the probability of detecting any visual indications such as flaws, discrepancies, leaks, corrosion, surface cracking, blockages and internal gaps.  In the aerospace , superior detection ability is of paramount importance, hence the growing popularity of this ground-breaking RVI application.

In both the civil and the military aerospace industry, expert assessments of engines, APUs and airframes are required during the building and operational stages to ensure the ongoing airworthiness, performance and safety of the aircraft, and they’re also required when it comes to selling or leasing the aircraft when the condition of the engine and airframe has to be evaluated.  There can be no question of inaccuracy or unreliability when it comes to these testing and inspection procedures and it’s critical that only the best techniques and solutions are used.

But there’s also another perspective to RVI in the aerospace industry, and that involves not just the identification of flaws or defects but also the measurement of these and how the information is shared and analysed.  This is another area where the Mentor Visual IQ VideoProbe is leading the industry – its sophisticated 3D Phase Measurement and analysis with a Wi-Fi-enabled Bluetooth keyboard and headset means that when expert advice or a second opinion is called for during an inspection, technicians can get answers fast with real-time collaboration – anywhere in the world.

For more information on the superior imaging capabilities and versatile features of the Mentor Visual IQ VideoProbe, contact us for a comprehensive guide to all the features and specifications of this video borescope as well as a range of their other specialist remote visual inspection technologies, NDT, test equipment and laser alignment solutions.

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