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Advancements In Borescope Technology

Borescope technology

Accurate measurement is a difficult and advanced technique for using video borescopes or any remote visual inspection tool.

Up until now it used to be mainly the aviation industry and military that used the measurement functions on internal defects of engine components.

Now with the operations and commissioning cycle of oil and gas projects in full swing, the increased demand for measurement capabilities is on the rise. It’s now not only what it is, its how big is that defect?

Operators must be highly trained and practiced to obtain reliable and repeatable results.

Nexxis is leading the way in advanced remote visual inspections (RVI) training. Our people are experienced at optimising how operators and asset integrity companies inspect and measure data on project assets and address and embrace the advancement of RVI certification.

With the development of 3D Phase Measurement, significant improvements have been made in systems accuracy, repeatability, measurement range and ease-of-use when carrying out measurement tasks.

This type of 3D Phase Measurement is based on an existing optical metrology technique known as phase shifting.  This involves sequentially projecting three or more structured light patterns onto a surface. It then captures these images on camera and processes them to produce a 3D map of the surface.

3D Phase Measurement is a significant breakthrough for video borescope technology; suddenly the surface scanning of 3D small internal spaces is possible, opening up a brand new world of possibilities and technical applications.

Contact Nexxis for information on training your people or understanding the benefits that 3D Phase Measurement equipment offers your project.

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